Upflow Carbon Filter Installation Guide

This is only a general instruction reference.   

Notice: consumer is responsible for following any state and/or local regulations and plumbing codes pertinent to the purchase, installation and operation of our products.

Aplus Water always recommends that you have a licensed plumber install your filter.

Step 1:
Location of your filter is important. It should be in a protected dry, level and non-freezing area (34-120 degrees F).

Step 2: The distributor tube is on the left and should be placed in the middle bottom of the resin tank with the white end down.  BEFORE ADDING THE CARBON!

Step 3:
Place the resin tank shown above where you want to connect it to your water line, because it will be hard to move after the resin is added.  Place the distributor tube (whichever came with your particular softener), into the bottom middle of the resin tank (the taller of the two tanks and shown in the picture above).

Place a peace of tape on the open end of the distributor tube, to keep any resin from falling into the distributor tube while pouring the resin into the mineral tank (unless a plug is already in place).

Place the funnel (provided) into the mineral tank, and begin to pour or scoop the CARBON into the mineral tank. 

Be careful to keep the distributor tube centered as best you can, while filling.  An easy (but slower) way to fill the mineral tank is to take a small scoop and pour the media into the funnel. The media beads tend to stick to the funnel so by filling slowly the media will go into the tank easier.

Once the filling of the mineral tank is completed, carefully remove the tape or plug from the distributor or turbulator tube. Do not pull upwards on the distributor tube.

The control valve (head) now must be screwed onto the mineral tank. Be sure the large O-ring is in place, and lubricated (you can use standard cooking oil to lubricate if necessary).  As you start to screw the control valve onto the tank, make sure the hole in the center of the control valve fits over the distributor tube. DO NOT USE pipe dope or tape on the threads! The control valve should be hand tightened, snugly, clockwise.

Step 4:
You are now ready to install the bypass valve to the control valve. 

Step 5:
Turn off main water valve.  Water connections to and from filter should now be connected.  

NOTE: For Clack upflow units be sure to connect the incoming line to the upflow side of the bypass and the line going to the home to the down flow side of the bypass. 

Step 6:

Before running water to the home, run water through a hose or into a bucket until water runs clear.  Then put unit into bypass and let carbon soak over night before putting into service.