Just wanted to say how happy I am with my purchase through Apluswater. I recently installed a fleck 5600 PH neutralizer along with a fleck 9100 sxt twin softener system. After a few technical questions were answered over the phone, my new system was up and running with ease. Couldn’t be happier with the entire experience, from ordering to delivery and install. I saved an incredible amount of $ and install was a breeze, as long as a common knowledge of plumbing is at hand. If your considering upgrading or replacing a current household water filtration system, don’t hesitate to use Apluswater. Thanks so much for everything, look forward to using Apluswater for my future needs.

John Porter
Remarkable Renovations
(410) 935-1986

It has been about a year since I installed my water treatment system. I had a question, dialed the toll free number and AS ALWAYS with APLUSWATER , I spoke to a real live person. The gentleman that answered the phone was so helpful and so concerned about what I was aksing. He was not in a hurry and actually waited for me to get a flashlight, go in the garage and talk to him while I was by the system.The question was answered and my problem was solved. I wrote when I installed the system and sent you a picture. You posted it on you feedback. You may post this one also. I am so happy that I purchased from your company. I feel I have the best water treatment system around. THANKS ONCE AGAIN.

Anthony Utzie

3357 Archer Avenue

The Villages FL 32162


January 19,2012

doug the flek sxt tannin filter and the terminator iron filter i purchased from you is great .for the first time in ten years i have clear water , i can have white clothes again.its the best system on the market . the price was low and the quality is great . delivery was quick and your help was great . i would recommend your company to any of my friends that need a good water system .
thanks so much
bill pash lakeshore dr

gregory michigan


I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the help you’ve given me in this endeavor to soften the water in my home. It’s nice to know that with a little research on my part, I was able to find the best deal on the absolute best water system. With an honest price and an ethical way of business…. Well, sir you have a life long client and a good word being said about your company every time the topic comes up.

Thanks ever so much!!!

Justin Mitchell
Doug has a very pleasant disposition, the patience of a saint and knows the inner workings inside out. If you have a problem, you can count on him to help you work it out and stick with you until it is resolved. And, the unit, when installed properly, works flawlessly.

James Tewalt

Dear Doug,


I recently purchased your water softener system 5600SE for our home here in Olathe, KS. I had the system installed by the local RainSoft dealer.

Needless to say the RainSoft installers were quite impressed. During the install, they kept asking me about what “extras” I had to pay for (especially the Fleck head which they had recently converted to). They were especially envious of the see-through R.O. filter cover.

The system performs wonderfully and I wanted to drop a line to say thank you. Please share this letter with any potential customers. Hopefully, like me, these future customers will do their own research and realize that you offer the best value (quality, price, and shipping) on Internet!

Kind regards,

Cameron Blain

Olathe, KS

I want to thank you for taking the time to answer all my phone calls before and after purchasing our Eradicator Filter/Softener system and Sediment Filter. It is not often someone actually recommends a lower priced piece of equipment (standard timer instead of electronic due to all the lightning strikes we have in Florida).The installation was very easy, following your step by step instructions. My wife noticed a big difference in our water within a couple days. Our well water was extremely hard with iron and “rotten egg” sulphur smell (typical Florida well water).
Prior to making this purchase we had a person from RainSoft come to our house, test our water and try to sell us a water treatment system. Their first quote was for a “complete” system for the price of nearly $10,000. They then told us we could get by with just an iron filter and a softener, for $4500. Their $4500 was probably very close to the Eradicator we purchased from you for $729. Including the Sediment Filter and assorted fittings we purchased locally, we have less than $850 invested.
We are very pleased with our system and would highly recommend you to anyone needing a water treatment system or individual components.
Jack Conrad, Arcadia, Florida


Dear A Plus Water,
I recently purchased a Flex 5600 48,000 grain water softener from you, I just want to say thank you! I wanted to take a moment to share with your potential customers who need a water softener. We have our own well and our water is very hard. The water residue was ruining our silver ware, stainless steel dishwasher, glass ware, shower, all our plumbing fixtures, front load washer, on and on. I want to add that our house is only 8 months old, and everything is brand new. I knew we needed a water softener, but I did not want to spend over $1,000 for a system, and then pay a plumber an aditional $500 or more to install it.

So, I found you! I called and a live person actually answered the phone. I asked a lot of questions and you gave me all the right answers. I made a purchase and got my system in two days. I intalled the system with the aid of your installation guide, with color photos, and it was up and running in a couple of hours. WOW! What a difference, It was instantaneous! Everything in our house is starting to clear up on its own, and the things that didn’t we scrubbed but they are still looking brand new! So, I called you back and asked a couple of more questions about fine tuning my system and you answered the phone again.

I highly recommend A-Plus Water, Great products!, Great Customer Service!

Happy in Mooresville, NC (Race City USA)


I don’t usually make public comments, but I just had to let you know how pleased I am with my Dura-Line water softener. I bought this softener to replace a “national brand” softener that had failed twice. The first time the unit was under warranty. The repair for my old softener would have cost me almost as much as I paid for my Dura-Line. As part of my research I found that my old softener was the lowest possible capacity that should have been selected for my area and household needs. Your website answered all of my questions, and your softener arrived on time and in perfect condition. I’m handy so I plumbed it in myself, and have enjoyed fantastically soft water ever since. Your installation guide was flawless, and the simplicity of the unit is astonishing. I dialed up a regen cycle, and told the timer that it was 2:00 AM and watched it move through each sub-cycle. It worked as advertised. I am letting all of my friends know about A Plus Water. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all of the information. Thanks to you guys, I feel that I finally have the softener that completely matches my current and future needs.


JL Barrowman

Tucson, AZ

I just wanted to say thank you. I recently bought a Terminator T-1500 iron filter from you and installed it myself in one day. I purhased it online Dec.19 and it was delivered to my home in New Hampshire Dec.21(I didn’t expect this until after Christmas).I was replacing and older water softner and other companies where trying to sell me something I didn’t need ,at a cost of about 1700.00 more than what I paid (not to mention I no longer have to buy salt ). My water is the best its ever been.I truly do appreciate your honesty and patience with my numerous phone calls for technical questions. I will return as a customer and highly reccomend Apluswater to anyone.

Thank You, Doug Riley

Hey Doug,

It has been a few months since we installed T1500. It is a great system. Smell was eliminated immediately. THANK YOU for all your help during installation and answering all the questions.

H Shavairni
Sanbornton NH.

Just wanted to say thanks for (pardon the pun) ironing out all the steps in installing this buy myself…you proved the wife wrong…Lol
Mike Burdgick


Just wanted to thank you for the great service. I ordered a Fleck 5600SXT and received it quickly. I installed it according to the instructions and had no problems putting it together. Everything was fine except my water was still hard!. I called up and you talked me through what turned out to be a very minor problem. (Clogged brine fill line) Water hardness is now zero!. Your company is a pleasure to deal and would recommend others to purchase from you.

thanks again,

Barry Kadonoff

Thanks for answering my questions before purchasing and after getting our Fleck 5600SE Tannin removal system. It works great. We no longer have tannin. I have rarely written positive emails to companies about their service and products but I will say you are an exception. Great service, great product at a great price. I certianly will tell others about your website when it comes time for them to upgrade or improve their water systems. Thanks again Christopher Miller 

I don’t normally write to companies I’ve done business with, but I think everyone at A+ water deserves a pat on the back. I recently purchased a Fleck 5600 48,000 grain system from you and couldn’t be happier. We had it installed within a few hours and it works GREAT. I called you a couple times (once before purchase and again after) and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. My Sister lives close to me and they also have very hard water. They had Rainsoft quote them $5,500, and when I told her was doing mine myself for $544 she and my brother and law were speechless. He came over to help me install it to see how easy it really was and now it looks like I’ll be helping him install his A+ system in his house when I return from a business trip. I sent him your website and I know you’ll gladly fulfill his order. Also when I ordered it on a Monday I didn’t expect it to ship to Texas and be on my doorstep on Thursday but it was!


Thanks Again and I will continue to spread the word about your great service!


Mark Wendt

After a long search for a softener, we found your company. After some hesitation about dealing with a company we didn’t know, we ordered a system for about the same cost as smaller systems we’d looked at in several places. Our system arrived in an unbelievable 14 hours from shipment to our back door. It has more capacity and is better made than anything we looked at, even systems for twice the price. Your staff knew more about what to recommend than anyone else we talked to. My husband is an engineer and was pleased with the level of detail he was able to discuss. We’re very pleased and will be back when it’s time to shop for an RO.

Hello. We just wanted to COMPLIMENT your product and your CUSTOMER SERVICE.. The WATER is a lot better now since we installed the water softener… My husband contacted yourcustomer service department a few times and they answered every question that we needed answered.. Just wanted to let you know to KEEP UP WITH THE GREAT WORK! We have told our friends and family about your product and a couple of them will be PURCHASING one from your company in the near future.. Thank you SO MUCH for a GREAT PRODUCT and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.. Wanda & Frank Pazicni.

Dear Doug,

I wanted to thank you for all your help and suggestions related to the purchase and installation of a new water softener at my home.

Thanks to APlus water, I was able to install a premium system for less than the cost of the lesser quality systems available at the big box home improvement stores. Until I found your website, I thought that the higher quality water softeners were out of my price range.

I’ve attached a photo of the finished installation in my garage, complete with independent bypass and isolation valves, water pressure gage, pre-filter and a soft water line to an outside hose connection for washing our cars.

A very satisfied customer!

Dave Williams

Paso Robles, CA

Doug, just a note to thank you again for your great service. I got the brine tank the next day and everything is working well. Also I get compliments every week from the owner of the hotel where I installed the large unit earlier this year, it has made a real difference to their staff and guests! Thanks Again, Joe

Good website! Easy Ordering! Quick delivery! Instructions easy to follow!
Programming no problem! The thing works great! Happy spouse!
Thank you
Harold Gluckman


I just wanted to thank you once again for your help. It’s great to make a purchase via the internet AND receive support! You don’t find that very often, especially with great pricing. I will be telling anyone who is interested in purchasing a water softener to give you guys a call without a doubt!


We installed our new fleck 5600sxt softner today, started with 25 grain hardness and icky smell. We are replacing a kinetico that we’ve had for 22 yrs. Shortly after the install the water TASTE GREAT AND NO SMELL YEAH! Tested the water again and its the lowest grain hardness on the card . Hope all stay as it is now maybe ill get my blonde hair back instead of rust brown ,Thanks
Tammy in Iowa

We just installed your Fleck 80k grain softener. We had really bad water- Full of Iron. This machine has made our bad water not just good, but GREAT. THANKS for offering this wonderful product at such a competitive price. Warren & JoAnna Thomas, Archer, FL


I recently recommended two of my friends in the Kansas City area to give you a call on your water systems. Both have already visited your website.

Cameron Blain
Thank for this quick and easy transaction. The unit got delivered as promised, and ahead of time. It was propperly packed. I got all the instructions I needed.
The softener is installed and working fine.
Thanks again.
Frank Koehler

My thanks to your company for your excellent service I received in the purchase of one of your products. George who assisted in me buying this unit was exceptional in knowing the info I needed. I was really surprised when I order this unit on Thursday and it was delivered to my door the very next day. I certainly will highly recomend your company. Thanks again.

It has been a while since I received the water softener and I wanted to let you know that it is a very nice looking and operating unit. It was very easy to install taking me just under 2 hours to complete installation and startup. That also included a trip to the local Ace hardware for a few fittings . Love the new taste of our well water.

Thank You,

Jim Peters


Our unit has now been running for 8 months. What a difference! We previously had a hardness level of ~30. I am not sure where we register now, but we no longer see the hardness stains that made our bathrooms and kitchen sinks look awful. Even soap usage is way down and laundry is looking much brighter.

Item was received within 2 days from the order. 4 well packaged boxes. Very simple to install! Because the tank was so tall, the most difficult task is to scoop/pour in the resin. Cost me 4 hours to properly install it after work. Saved $400.00 and 1/2 days of vacation! Just put in 3 bags that may last until July or longer. Salt usage is extremely low.



Tom Hermann

Cedarburg, WI

Hi, just wanted you to know that I was very pleased with my recent purchase of the GE logix water softener. It replaced a 25 year old softener. Purchase, installation, and start up was straight forward and relatively easy even for a person with novice plumber skills, like myself. Up and running and works great. Thanks for the online help, I will be passing your company name along to anyone else in need of a softener. Regards, Terry

Dear Aplus Water:

I just wanted to let you know that I received the GE water softener I ordered. It arrived Saturday in perfect condition. I started installing it as soon as it arrived. I did not finish as I had to go to work. However, all that remains is plumbing it to the water supply and testing it. It appears to be a very nice unit and is a great deal for the price.

Thank you;


Thanks so much for your prompt reply to my missing hardware and damaged distributor, it is hard to find your level of customer service anywhere and I truly appreciate it. Lots of companies out to make a quick buck, your company is out to make the sale and keep the service and support at a higher level. I promise that others I know will go through you to satisfy their water needs, this area, is terrible for hard water and I hope that you sell every unit around to these residents. I will sure do my part to let them know about you.

I am writing to you as I am convinced that I made a good purchase from
you. Please add my testimonial to the your list of satisfied customers.

I needed a water softener and the two salesmen that visited my home in
Minnesota quoted me a price of $ 1800 installed (from a national
company that starts with a “C”) and $ 3000 (from a national company that starts
with a “K”). Your price of $ 865 (delivered) for a larger Fleck 9100 2 tank
system that was superior to the two quoted systems was a no-brainer. It
was delivered in several days, and after an afternoon spent installing it I
have already seen noticeable differences in my household water quality.
Installing this system was no more difficult than installing a hot
water tank, and the instructions were easy to follow. It is a quality
Made-in-America unit.
I would do this again, and would recommend this choice to others as
this Fleck 9100 2-tank system is defintely superior to the 1-tank water
softener units you can buy at “big box” retailers and those from the national
watersoftener retailers.


Paul Thronson

A Plus is Correct!!! Excellent product, Excellent seller and Excellent Service!!!
Robert Lobdell Add this to your feedback!!

I installed the fittings Friday, the day they arrived as promised. The full job took less than three hours from the time I turned the water off. It is GREAT having soft water again!

Thank you so much!

I bought one of your fleck 5600SE 48K systems a few months ago and it is great. I am a contractor and would like to continue purchasing this particular model from you.

Bought one for my Dad, liked it so much bought myself one. Thanks 2 day delivery

Thank you for your fast shipping and great product. I received the unit on Monday which was a lot quicker than I expected. I installed the unit Monday night and found installation to be rather easy with your instructions. This is the first water softener I have ever installed.

I will be recommending your company to others.

Thanks again,

Shannon Yates

Great product, fast shipping, great company!!!!!!! Would definately use again


Thank you for your help with the new water softener; it is working
well. I appreciate your prompt responses and kind assistance.

Doug Stemen

I bought one of your fleck 5600SE 48K systems a few days ago and it is great. It’s up and running. Also your shipping was fast, thank you again!

Steven Brown
Upstate NY

After contemplating the stupidity of renting a water softener and reverse osmosis unit for five years (at a cost of over three thousand dollars), I loaded the equipment in my truck and took it back to the company that starts with a “C”. I then began a search that eventually led to the web site of APlus Water LLC. I liked the equipment, the positive customer feedback, and the very reasonable prices. I took a chance and ordered a water softener (twin tank Fleck 9100SE) that is in every way superior to the one I had been renting. It arrived in perfect condition. Within three hours of beginning the installation, there was soft water in my home again!

With such positive water softener experience, I ordered the five stage reverse osmosis drinking water system. It arrived on my doorstep within three days and took about two hours to install. After a day of flushing, it is now producing great tasting drinking water and ice cubes.

I will definitely recommend APlus Water to anyone interested in water treatment.

Charles Kizer
Tijeras, NM


The Merlin arrived in good order. It’s all installed and I love it. Beats the heck out of the countertop RO unit my wife wouldn’t part with…..




I bought a 10 year old house with well water that was full of iron and tasted bad. Toilet tanks were full of rust and the water smelled of iron. I had the water softener checked and it was determined that the head needed to be rebuilt at a cost of $300. The unit was too small for the house anyway, so I looked into replacing it with all the normal water softener dealers in the area. They all wanted anywhere from $1,200 to $3,200 for a brand new water softener system. I called a buddy who had just replaced his water softener by himself with one He had the same problem I did, a system that needed the head rebuilt for $300, but for just about twice that cost he got a brand new water softener. I took his advice and purchased an 80K grain on-demand Fleck 7000 from with fine mesh resin for just under $800. Along with the Fleck 7000 I installed a whole house water filter with a clear casing right before it (something one of the dealers told me not to do because their system would be sufficient), and after just a month I could see all the sediment and Iron it was catching. I hate to think how clogged my new Fleck 7000 (or any other system I would have installed) would become if I hadn’t installed it. With both the whole house filter and the Fleck 7000 our water is clear, tastes good and the wife is happy. If you are a do it yourselfer or have a friend who is, save your money and buy a water softener If you have any questions after you get the system or during installation is just a phone call away and they are very helpful and true professionals.


Thanks Doug. The system works great and finally the water feels nice again. Doing business with you was a pleasure-I will recommend you to my family and friends. Thanks again. A very satisfied customer. Gary


I want to thank you for the great deal (quality product at an excellent price). I purchased the Fleck 5600SE from you and, I must admit, I was a little apprehensive about installing my own unit (I’m a retired old-timer). But, I decided to try anyway (worst case, I call a plumber)! Well, I’m happy to report that she is up and running. I’m feeling a little smug and real happy with the results. I also want to thank you for your assistance programming the unit. I enjoyed talking to you.

Your deal was excellent. My cost for the Fleck 5600SE, 48k was $559 shipped plus, about $40 in supplies(CPVC fittings, pipe, cement, etc.). The quote in my neighborhood for one of these is $1,400 installed! This puts your deal in perspective (It’s a good one). I am a satisfied customer. Life is hard, but my water’s soft!

Thanks again and good luck.


Vinny D

The WellMate 80 gal tank and 7000 Pyrolox Filter I purchased install
went great. My wife and I can not believe the difference in the taste of
our water. I will greatly recommend your company to others. Thanks
Robert Clever.

Thank you so much for the Fleck 5600. Right price, great instructions, helpful phone call and it is doing a wonderful job! No doubt you are good folks! Regard to the Popcorn capital! Gordon Dallas

Just wanted to thank you for the great customer service and
products you supplied me. Had an
estimate from two local water softener companies. Both wanted to sell me units for around $2200
installed. With Doug’s suggestions I instated
one of his Fleck units in around two hours and saved myself $1600. Unit has been working flawlessly for the last
two months. Great products, fast shipping and fantastic customer service.
Bruce Schneider

best money we have spent

We used to buy softeners from a friend who supplied the industry with parts. Both of the sons retired and sold their business. Needed a big unit and saw yours on ebay. Unit is up and running. Thanks for your help. the unit was installed by one of my employees who knows how to read and ask questions if necessary. Local plumbing company wanted $1800.00 for 1 cube unit.

Jerry Schultz

Sterling Systems


I have to tell you your 5 stage RO system was the easiest installation I have made in many years for the benefits we are going to receive for years to come. I called my Kenitco dealer to come out and check out my water softener as it has been operation now for some 25 years, I and wanted to see how it was doing. As we found out it is doing exactly what it is suppose to but I did have some questions for the salesman about an RO unit for the home. The Kenitco RO system was way too expensive for my budget so he offered the Nelsen 4 Stage NRO4-50 system for $169.00 with installation $389.00 stating that it is one of the best systems in the market place for the money other that the Kenitco RO unit. So I want on line and found the Nelsen NRO5-50 5 stage system for your selling price of $159.00 what a buy so I gave you a call with some question and decided to purchase the RO unit. To my surprise it was there the next day so thank you for that and installed two hours later in the basement for ease of access to the filters for replacement when needed. Now I did because of the length of the run to the kitchen 15 feet put in a 3/8 line to the faucet so I would not have a pressure drop due to the recommendations in the installation guide and that has worked out well because there is plenty of flow to the faucet. There is only one thing I did different and that was to purchase a designer faucet which looks like it belongs there rather than the one which comes with the system. Folks let me tell you this is an easy installation and the best drinking water you will ever taste for the money.




Bob Olson

Grand Blanc, MI

Thanks, it took me five minutes to put this on and it seems to be working fine! The time dial is moving & I am manually regenerating it. I was nervous about buying a water softener on line at first without knowing who I am dealing with. But you really give me confidence! Thanks a lot for all your help and being a straight forward person this says a lot about how you do business! I will send everyone to you who is looking for a softener. Do you want the bad part sent back?

Thanks again,



Just a quick note about the service. I was a little skeptical about ordering my water softener and filter on line. Well I received both within 2 days and have already gotten someone to install it. Both the filter and softener are working great. If I have to replace any other major plumbing items I won’t hesitate to use Aplus water.

Thanks again for the great service

Thanks Doug. This is the reason that we sent you the two customer/friends from Dallas because of your excellent service after the sale. Other vendors would do it up until the delivery but not much longer after.
Thanks again. Don

I just recently purchased the following:

· Pentek Big Blue 20 inch filter

This project stared out with getting some bids for some equipment to be installed; prices ranged from 3K to 5k.

There was a tremendous savings ordering over the internet. (Free ship and no tax)

Why I would recommend ordering from Aplus Water

1) Doug Edwards- Doug answers questions honestly even if he is recommending a less costly alternative or even talking you out of a product. I believe that his knowledge of water treatment and his products are topnotch. Doug won me over by providing straight forward answers and a very timely response to phone calls and emails.

2) Great prices on all products.

3) Fast shipping

4) My merchandises was packed with thought and was wrapped up safe so it arrived dent and scratch free.

5) Results and costs. My wife and the children love our water now!

Below is a picture of my system- It was not to difficult to put in. I hired a plumber to do the copper pipe, I did all the PVC. This picture was taken on a working system- The salt tank will get moved over to the left and then I purchased some shelves brackets that will go above the unit.

I rarely take the time to write a review for such things but to those of you who are looking for a great place to but water treatment equipment look no further.

Thank you all at Aplus Water-

Rob Montelone


I wanted to thank you for all your help in the purchase and
installation of our new water softener from Aplus Water. I hope my
experience will help someone who needs a new water softener to consider
purchasing one from Aplus. You have my permission to use this email on your
website feedback.

In August of 2010 I purchased the Fleck 5600, 80K grain
water softener with the Autotrol Turbulator. I had tested our well water
which contained 5 ppm (5ppm X 5 gpg = 25 gpg) of clear iron and 15 gpg of
hardness for a total hardness of 40 gpg. Using the Aplus water softener
sizing chart, 40 grains per gallon of water hardness for 6 people requires a
water softener capacity of at least 64K grains. I talked with Doug about
the sizing and the amount of iron that our water contained and decided to
purchase the 80K grains Fleck 5600 unit, which was on sale for only $579 w/
free shipping. This unit gives us reserve water softening and iron removal
capacity which is great for when additional water use is required. Per
Doug’s recommendation the unit was set to regenerate automatically every 4th
day. This worked out perfectly and we were surprised how little salt it

All the parts and resin arrived in 2 days from Ohio to
Virginia. I removed our old system and modified my water piping slightly to
install the new unit. Any additional piping parts required were inexpensive
off the shelf items from Home Depot. I was really impressed and surprised
by the quality of everything that I received and was really kicking myself
for not purchasing this unit sooner.

Great results were immediate and amazing. Our old softener
on its best day never removed all the iron from our water. Everything
changed, the dishes were cleaner and sparkling and so were our clothes. The
showers and toilets stay clean with no signs of iron buildup. The water is
soft, uses less soap, detergent and shampoo and feels great! But the best
thing about this system is my wife loves it!!!

I looked on the Internet and locally and I’m convinced that
the Aplus water softener systems are the highest quality, most reasonably
priced equipment available. The customer service is great! I had a couple
of questions on sizing and installation and Doug answered all my questions.
I was able to use PayPal to pay for our purchase. We are extremely happy
with our Aplus water softener!

There’s still time to get yours before Christmas!

We’re finally happy with our well water in Virginia,
John Hall

December 10, 2010

After speaking with a local plumber, I purchased a GE Logic Water Softener from the internet. It arrived in just a few days from the day I purchased it. It was packed so well and there were no problems with any of the boxes. I read all the instructions and began to install the softener according to the directions. I had a few questions from the beginning and called the toll free number. I left a message on their voice mail. I had a live person with in a matter of five minutes to answer my questions.


After installation I must have called six or seven more times with some questions. One time I left a voice mail and had a live person again within five minutes. The other time I actually had a live person answer the phone and was more than willing to help me through my questions. Not one time did the person act as though he was in a hurry and told me to call back with any other questions I might have.

I just want to say “THANK YOU” for not only having a great product but for the time you took answering my questions. The softener is installed and is working perfectly THANKS TO YOU.

I am sending you a few pictures of the finished installation.


Anthony Utzie

The Villages FL

Hi let me tell you how great this water softener is!! I bought my house 6 years ago and have had horrible rust problems since even with the old softener and the old one ate alot of salt. However since I bought one of these fleck 5600 softeners the water is crystal clean with no more rust stains and the water cleans so much better. Thank you for such a wonderful product Gary Smith.

My Fleck works great! Thanks for all your help. Just wanted to give you some feedback and I passed your info to some friends and family. The water is nice and soft, I like it.


It has been about a year since I installed my water treatment system. I had a question, dialed the toll free number and AS ALWAYS with APLUSWATER , I spoke to a real live person. The gentleman that answered the phone was so helpful and so concerned about what I was aksing. He was not in a hurry and actually waited for me to get a flashlight, go in the garage and talk to him while I was by the system.The question was answered and my problem was solved. I wrote when I installed the system and sent you a picture. You posted it on you feedback. You may post this one also. I am so happy that I purchased from your company. I feel I have the best water treatment system around. THANKS ONCE AGAIN.

Doug, I received the replacement filter and replacement auto shut-off block. The RO unit seems to be operating perfectly now with no leaks. Thank you very much for your quick response and commitment to great service. I am very pleased with the great service I have received on both the water softener and the RO unit purchased from your company.


Just wanted to tell you that I installed the product that I ordered from your company this weekend and it was amazing! The water no longer has a yellow tint, odor, or anything of that nature. The product was easy to install and I had zero complications thus far. It is not often that a person can buy a product and it is everything that it describes to be.




I have never installed a water softener before, but with your support you helped me with equipment selection and with the installation process. I installed a GE Autorol Logix 255/740, 64K grain water softener. I am very pleased with the completed installation and the quality and price of the product. I think your customer service is above excellent because when I called I got the companies voice mail and just hanged up, and within less than a minute you called me back and apologized for missing my call and asked how you could help. Now that’s customer service at its best!

Thanks, Dana



Here is my DuraLine 40,000 grain capacity unit. It is outside my home covered by a fiberglass dog house. Easy to install and all works great!
I’ll send u 3 pictures total. Thanks for all the help!

Keller, TX

Hi Doug,

Been meaning to follow-up with you. We couldn’t be happier!Tastes great right out of the tap, whereas before we were using a Brita,
and that doesn’t compare to what we have now. Thanks again for your
product and help in installation. I appreciate it!

Bob Bruosta