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4″ Diameter Plastic Cap that fits into the top of the 4″ Brine Well Tube. Helps keep salt out of the Brine Well Tube and Float Assembly.

Brine Salt Tank Parts

Brine Tank Overflow Elbow



4″ Diameter Plastic tube, with slots at the bottom, that holds the Brine Tank Float Assembly.


FL2310, includes GFN Nut Assy on bottom threads.


For use with 15x17x36 rectangular brine tanks. Legs on Grid are 5″ Tall


Fleck 2310 Brine valve assembly including valve, float assembly, and 34″ air check. The elbow connection is for 3/8″ Tubing.


FL60027 – Works with most Brine tanks, that use a 3/8″ brine line O.D. tube. This 2300 Brass Safety Brine Valve 3/8″ is used with float in the Brine tank, to help prevent water from over flowing, if the control valve should ever malfunction.


Legs on Grid are 5″ Tall


Legs on Grid are 10″ Tall


Legs on Grid are 10″ Tall


Top Part – FL60038 – Fleck 2350 Brine Valve Shut Off Includes FL60028 Float & 900 Air Check Normally used with the 1800 brine systems that use 3/4″ tubing. It can also be used with the 1700 brine systems that use 1/2″ tubing, but you will need to use a reducer fitting to “bush” down [...]