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Complete systems with filters and installation kit.

Great for Residential use, these systems give you bottled quality water in the comfort of your own home.

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4 Stage or 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Available with 50, 75 or 100 GPD Membrane and dedicated dispensing faucet!  Equipped with 3/8" delivery line for 56% higher flow to faucet.  Also available as 5-stage system. DURAWATER RO BROCHURE RO MANUAL

Microline Reverse Osmosis System

Microline TFC35 Reverse Osmosis System (TFCC4P)


4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System The 4-Stage drinking water system includes: Sediment/Carbon Pre-filter (S7028)m TFC 50 gpd membrane (S1229RS) (35 gpd +/- 7 gpd actual production based on TDS level), Activated Carbon Post-filter (S7025), GAC inline filter (S7206W-JG),3.1 gallon storage tank volume (1.8 gallon capacity), Long reach air-gap faucet, Automatic shutoff, Installation parts kit with instructions, 28-42 gallons per day of 'Bottled Water' quality water based on TDS level!, Unit dimensions are 15" H x 12" W x 4" D, Storage Tank dimensions are approx. 9.5" D x 17" H (with valve on top of tank), Max limit of 10 Grains Per Gallon Water Hardness, Less than 0.1 ppm Iron, pH 3 - 11, Max TDS - 2000 Owner's manual