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Note:  Well water sizing:

Be sure to add 5 to the hardness for every part of iron in the water.

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Water softener sizing chart

The water softener sizing chart is a great reference for sizing a new water softener.  It is important to get the correct size water softener for performance, efficiency as well as longevity of the water softener.

There are many shapes and sizes.  But the sizes are determined in grains which can be defined in grains or k.

The most common sizes for residential city water range from 16,000 grains (16k), 24,000 grains (24k), 32,000 grains (32k), 40,000 grains (40k), 48,000 grains (48k) & 64,000 grains (64k).

The most common sized water softeners for residential well water include 48,000 grains (48k), 64,000 grains (64k) and occasionally 80,000 grains (80k).