The DuraWater™ Softener Specials Are Metered On-Demand Water Softeners are the most durable long lasting water softeners on the market.

They are metered on-demand with a mechanical display or digital display, programming can never be lost during a power outage.

As I have been telling customers for years, our least expensive water softener is our most durable and long lasting.

This is the water softener that I put in my parents home because I know that it will work great without any complaints or service calls for years to come.

If you are looking for an affordable and durable water softener then look no more.  The DuraWater™ water softener is what most water treatment experts prefer to sell because they are a work horse that lead to plenty of referrals.

HOW IT WORKS:  The DuraWater™ counts down your soft water usage and when it gets close to running out of soft water it automatically backwashes that night at 2a.m. (set time of your choice).

DuraWater™ water softeners ship with the resin pre-loaded .  Saving you time and trouble during installation!!!

The durawater series softeners come in three types- city, well & iron blaster

Dura Water Softeners With Free 10% Chlorine Resistant Resin

Well Water Softeners With Free Fine Mesh Resin

Iron Blaster Water Softeners With Free KDF 85 Meda Guard

Note:  DuraWater Softeners Are Available Mechanical Or Digital Valves At Checkout

durawater - water softeners durawater - well water softeners durawater iron blaster -well water softeners

durawater softeners

Come in three models the DuraWater, Well Water & the Iron Blasters.

They all utilize the durable and efficient duraline metered on demand control valve with the option of mechanical or digital HD style.  They all come standard with an upgraded threaded bypass, structural mineral tank, clack brine salt tank with clack 474 safety float.  Upgraded resin is standard in all of the duraline models.  Starting with the Dura Unit which comes standard with 10% cross linked resin which last longer and is even more chlorine resistant then standard 8% resin in most water softeners.  The well water model comes standard with the upgraded fine mesh resin which is great at removing the highest of water hardness along with some iron.  When it comes to the iron blaster it comes with the upgraded fine mesh resin as well along with an additional iron filter built right into the water softener.  The additional filter is a 4 stage kdf 85 media guard which gets back washed with the water softener.  Kdf 85 is great at removing iron and some hydrogen sulfide h2s as well which causes the rotten egg smell in drinking water.