PurTest Iron Hardness Plus


PurTest IRON HARDNESS PLUS allows you to test for both iron contamination and water hardness. The PLUS in this popular kit are tests for 6 more water problems. 8 different tests in one kit.
Each laboratory certified PurTest kit contains 2 of each test, 16 test strips in all, and a water analysis results sheet.

  • IRON can stain plumbing fixtures and laundry, even form sludge deposits.
  • HARD WATER (mineral deposit buildup) damages water heaters and plumbing and wastes soap, detergents and shampoo. Parallels between hard water and kidney stones have prompted the CDC to request more studies.
  • CHLORINE kills most bacteria, but not cryptosporidium cysts, and chlorine has been linked to cancer. Objectionable odor and taste discourage people from drinking the quantity of daily water they need.
  • COPPER above 1.3 ppm can poison red blood cells, causing jaundice, pancreatitis and hemolytic anemia.
  • ACIDITY can cause corrosion (blue-green copper stains) and lead to costly plumbing damage.
  • NITRATES can indicate pollution by fertilizer or waste.
  • NITRITES can also indicate fertilizer and waste pollution. For infants, even low concentrations of nitrates or nitrites can cause cyanosis (blood poisoning) which can be fatal, commonly called “blue baby syndrome”.
  • pH, if levels are too high, may create objectionable taste in the water. It can also cause dry skin conditions.

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