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PurTest IRON HARDNESS PLUS allows you to test for both iron contamination and water hardness. The PLUS in this popular kit are tests for 6 more water problems. 8 different tests in one kit. Each laboratory certified PurTest kit contains 2 of each test, 16 test strips in all, and a water analysis results sheet. [...]


PurTest Lead Test


PurTest LEAD now detects lead INSTANTLY! We have redesigned this test to provide INSTANT results. Based on EPA standards, you can trust PurTest to allow you to screen your water for dangerous levels of lead – accurately and in less than 10 minutes. NEW: Includes 2 FREE Copper Tests Treating for lead contamination is critical [...]


PurTest BACTERIA, NITRATE, NITRITE test kits use EPA standards to easily check the safety of water. PurTest has been used and tested by health departments, utilities and inspectors. PurTest is laboratory certified to accurately detect the presence of coliform bacteria, including E. coli. One test per kit. Water experts recommend testing home water at least: [...]


PurTest Home Water Analysis Kit is ideal for new homeowners, and is economical for anyone who has not tested their home water recently. PurTest 800 hotline provides expert phone assistance if questions arise before, during or after your tests. The PurTest HOME WATER ANALYSIS KIT contains: 1 each of Bacteria, Pesticides, and Lead test. 2 [...]