PurTest Lead Test


PurTest LEAD now detects lead INSTANTLY! We have redesigned this test to provide INSTANT results. Based on EPA standards, you can trust PurTest to allow you to screen your water for dangerous levels of lead – accurately and in less than 10 minutes.
NEW: Includes 2 FREE Copper Tests
Treating for lead contamination is critical since lead poisoning can present serious health risks such as gastrointestinal disorders, paralysis, brain and spinal cord damage, especially in children. For pregnant women, lead contamination can result in miscarriage. Each kit will check water from one tap.

The U.S. EPA estimates more than 40,000 citizens use water that contains harmful levels of lead. Most municipal plants do test for lead, but lead contamination is most likely to come from the distribution network or even our home’s plumbing system. Older homes often have lead in the pipes. Lead in pipes was banned from new home construction in 1987. Newer homes often have lead in the soldered pipe fittings. Lead was not banned from plumbing fixtures in the U.S. until 1996.
Initial testing should be done every 6 months, then every two years. It is critical to check the primary faucet used for drinking and cooking water, usually the kitchen tap. It’s best to check every faucet.
PurTest Lead instantly detects harmful lead levels above EPA standards 15 ppb (parts per billion)

  • PurTest COPPER TEST: Copper contamination in water can lead to brain and liver damage, jaundice, pancreatitis and hemolytic anemia. PurTest Copper test strips allow you to instantly check if copper is present in your water in excess of the EPA standard of 1.3 ppm.
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