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16 Inches X 33 Inches. Fiberglass. 20 Gallon Tank. WM6


30 gallon. 16″ x 44″. UPS Ground.


Legs on Grid are 5″ Tall


32.0 Gallon 15-3/8″ x 46-1/2″ Floor stand models especially designed for residences. Requires only a minimum of floor space. Appliance-like blue finish allows installation anywhere.

Float Switches Valves

Level Float Switch (LFS4400-05)


Features a strong Alnico bar magnet hermetically-sealed inside so no other wetted material can contaminate liquid or be attacked by a corrosive liquid. Special molded thread helps when metal to plastic installations are used. Unique assembly procedure eliminates stress by actually suspending the reed switch allowing for thermal expansion and contraction. Round pivot pins add [...]


Deep drawn one piece steel housings and mar-resistant glass dial face. Brass connections.

Brine Salt Tank Parts

Brine Tank Overflow Elbow



14 Inches X 65 Inches. Fiberglass. 30 Gallon Tank. WM9


40 gallon. 16″ x 56″. UPS Ground.

Brine Salt Tanks

Square 11x11x38 Brine Tank

Base Price $119.00

Includes Brine Well & Safety Float.


For larger homes and institutions such as country clubs, farms, nursing homes, etc. Handles the demands of larger systems in a minimum of space. 44.0 Gallon 22″ x 36″