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** Low Water Softener Piston Assembly for Fleck 5600 Mechanical (Non-SXT) valves. Will have a GRAY Cap. ** Back Wash and Rapid Rinse cycle times will be 7 minutes each. Uses Seal Kit # FL60125

Complete Service Assemblies

Piston Assembly, Filter (FL60102-10)


5600 Filter Piston Assembly used non-softening (Backwash Only) applications. ** Back Wash and Rapid Rinse cycle times will be 15 minutes each. Includes Part Numbers FL13852, FL10696, FL13001, FL12953, and FL13446 Uses Seal Kit # FL60125

Complete Service Assemblies

Piston End Plug Assembly (FL13446)


Used on Fleck Residential Piston Assemblies


Complete 5600SXT Timer Power Head, Including SXT Circuit Board, 24 volt Motor, Gears & Power Cord This Power Head is very simple to replace…!

Complete Service Assemblies

Seal & Spacer Kit (FL60125)


Seal & Spacer Kit for the Fleck 5600, 9000 & 9100 valves. (Top Seals & Spacers 9000, and 9100 Valves.) Includes 5 Seals (FL13242) & 4 Spacers (FL14241) included with each Kit. (Not Sold Separately)


For 5600 “L” bracket valves, Only. Complete with 120 volt 60 Hertz, 1/30 rpm Timer Motor, all internal gears, meter cable, back cover and power cord.


Electronic Meter Cap, Only – (No Wiring) Includes 13847 “O” Ring, and is used on Fleck 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/2″ and 2 inch Electronic Meter Assemblies. This Fleck Part #14716 is used on the following Fleck Control Valves – 2750, 2850, 2900, 9000, 9100, 9500 and also on the XT or 3200 NXT timer/controllers.


Seals and Spacers Kit for the Fleck 5000, Proflo SE, and some others. Includes 5 Seals, 4 Spacers, and 1 Special End Spacer The Special End Spacer should be installed first, inside the valve body, followed by the a regular seal, and then alternating with spacers, and ending with a seal on top. Also used [...]


For Water Softeners & Manganese Greensand units. Includes: 1ea Standard Piston Assembly -FL60102-00 1ea Seal/Spacer Kit – FL60125 1ea Brine Valve – FL60032


Piston and shaft Assembly used on the Fleck Downflow 5000, Proflo SE, and others water softener control valves. May also used on some of the newer Rainsoft Valves, that use the Fleck 5000 Valve Body design.