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Arsenic Removal Water Filters
ResinTech ASM-10-HP is a chloride form arsenic selective hybrid anion exchange resin. ASM-10-HP has hydrated iron oxide monoatomically dispersed throughout the polymer. It captures arsenate first by ion exchange and then by absorption into the iron oxide hybrid. ResinTech ASM-10-HP is intended for arsenic removal from potable water, and can also be used as an ion exchanger for removal of uranium and other trace level contaminants.
Note: Last longer with Arsenic 5 then Arsenic 3. Excessively high Ph may cause an odor.
• HIGH AFFINITY FOR ARSENIC OVER OTHER ANIONS Highest arsenic removal capacity of any organic based arsenic removal media
• NO ARSENIC DUMPING Effluent arsenic levels will not exceed influent levels if resin is operated past exhaustion point
• SUPERIOR PHYSICAL STABILITY 93% plus sphericity and high crush strengths together with carefully controlled particle distribution provides long life and low pressure drop
• COMPLIES WITH US FDA REGULATIONS Conforms to paragraph 21CFR173.25 of the Food Additives Regulations of the US FDA
Prior to first use for potable water, resin should be backwashed for a minimum of 20 minutes, followed by 10 bed volumes of down flow rinse.
ARSENIC REMOVAL Under ideal conditions ResinTech AsM-10-hP will reduce 50 ppb of arsenate to less than 10 ppb for more than 500,000 gallons per cubic foot. Limiting factors are high pH, high silica concentration, and high sulfate concentration. Capacity can also be reduced by intermittant operation and various foulants, notably suspended solids.
Maximum continuous temperature Chloride form 170˚F
Minimum bed depth 24 inches
Backwash expansion 50 to 75 percent
Maximum pressure loss 25 psi
Operating pH range 4 to 8 SU
Service flow rate 1 to 5 gpm/cu.ft.

Base Price $1,088.00

  • 9x48 resin tank
  • 1.0 cubic feet of Resin Tech ASM-10-HP resin
  • 8 gpm service flow rate
  • 2.5 gpm backwash flow rate
  • Floor Space Required is 11x12x56
Arsenic Spec Sheet

Base Price $1,747.00

  • 12x48 resin tank
  • 2.0 cubic feet of Resin Tech ASM-10-HP resin
  • 12 gpm service flow rate
  • 3.5 gpm backwash flow rate
  • Floor Space Required is 13x14x56
Arsenic Spec Sheet