KDF55 Process Media 1/6 cubic foot Box (KDF-55-16)


(28.5 lbs). KDF 55 Process Medium is a high-purity copper-zinc alloy. When used in a water treatment unit, it undergoes a chemical process known as redox. Redox is short for oxidation-reduction, which is a chemical reaction where electrons are transferred between molecules. In some cases, such as free chlorine, this transfer results in the formation of benign substances, such as chloride in this case, which then passes through the filter. In a similar way, copper, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals react to plate out onto the mediums surface effectively being removed from the water supply. KDF 55 Process Medium is so effective that it removes up to 98% of inorganic water-soluble heavy metals that are a concern to many public health officials and many consumers. KDF-55 Media Specifications


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