CanPro MediaGuard System with KDF85 (CANPRO485)

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Complete cartridge system includes 4 pounds of KDF85 media installed in a 4 cartridge system.

The Media Guard Will Not work on a Fleck 7000 Valve, as the 7000 valve has a 32mm diameter riser tube, that will not fit into the 1.05″ hole in the Media Guard.

** A valve adaptor is automatically included, with all orders using any of the Fleck 5600 and 2510 model valves. **

PLZ NOTE: If you use our “Universal Adapter” (Universal CanPro MediaGuard Adaptor (CANPRO-10-110) …. You will also need to purchase a new Riser Tube, as the riser tube length must be increased to 1.5″ above the resin tank, for this Universal Adapter to work properly.


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