Aquatec Booster Pump 50 GPD (CDP6800+TAS 114 19+PSW 240)


This low voltage pump is designed to operate continuously at near constant pressure until the product water tank is full.
The output pressure is dependent on the reverse osmosis system’s total flow requirement, feed water pressure and available power source. These booster pumps are to be installed on the raw water line feeding the RO unit.
If you have low water pressure on the raw water line feeding the RO unit, ….. this booster pump will increase your water pressure so the RO unit will make RO water at a faster rate, for storage in the RO tank. The Presure Switch will be installed on the RO Product Water Line, exiting the RO unit. Includes TAS-114-19 Transformer, 115v, 0.8amp and PSW-240 Tank Pressure Switch, 1/4″. (NOT FOR USE WITH THE GE MERLIN RO SYSTEM)


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